Parts, Service and Special Situation Issues

For Service issues under warranty please contact Slyman Brothers Appliances at all our convenient locations in Missouri

Parts Direct Hotline: 1-888-581-0133

For Service issues out of warranty please use the contact numbers below.

Factory Service Numbers

GE: 1-800-432-2737
Whirlpool: 636-349-5588
Samsung: 1-800-SAMSUNG
Thermador: 636-928-4131

Out of Warranty Service: 314-352-0214

Customer service is our number one priority before and after the sale. If your not satisfied, were not satisfied. We are proud to have an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau and we are one of the top 5% businesses on Angie’s List receiving the Super Service Award.

Cleaning Tips

Slyman Brothers appliance centers would like to offer these appliance tips for the proper upkeep of you valued home appliances. We provide you with a few maintenance tasks can keep home appliances performing efficiently and effectively year round. During the winter and holiday periods it is extremely important to by vigilant on cleaning your schedules.

A clean appliance is a productive appliance

While every appliance has a unique way to be cleaned, they all need routine cleaning. Never let spills or splatters linger on surfaces for extended periods of time. On a stove or range, in the microwave oven, inside of the refrigerator or freezer, the longer deposits remain, the harder they are to remove. Keeping these appliances clean will mean that a deeper cleaning is not required as frequent.

Refrigerators –Pull out the refrigerator or freezer and clean behind and under them to remove dust and dirt buildup. Thoroughly clean the floor and use a vacuum with a soft coil brush to remove dust from the condensing fins. This will improve the air flow and increase the life span of the motor and can prolong the life of the refrigerator or freezer. Use a mild cleaning solution to clean shelves, doors, trays and racks. A moist cloth to remove fingerprints from the front or sides and a stainless steel cleaner will remove smudges from metals.

Dishwashers –About once a month, check and clean the drain or strainer and wipe down the door seals with vinegar and clean the spray arm discharge ports. Run the dishwasher empty with a citrus cleaner to remove oil and grease buildup and restore that fresh smell to the interior of the unit.

Oven –Please use the self-cleaning option on the oven to do the heavy cleaning whenever it’s needed. Wipe down the inside of the door, racks and all the nooks and crannies. Ensure that there are not crumbs accumulating in the cooking compartment. Soak burners, knobs, racks and hood vents to keep them free of grit and grime build up.

Microwave –Clean the rotating microwave plate by letting it set in the sink with dish detergent to loosen the cooked on food stuffs, then place it into the dishwasher for a complete cycle. When needed, put a bowl of water with lemons in the microwave and run it for three minutes, then let it cool off before wiping down the inside, this will restore that fresh smell again.

Washing machine –Wipe out the machine to ensure there is no water left sitting in it. For a deeper cleaning, run the washer with a little bleach in the dispenser and softener caddy, pause the machine and let the bleach mixture settle for an hour, then complete the rinse cycle until it has completed.

Dryer – Make sure to always clean the lint collector after every load, wipe down the door seal to prevent dust buildup. Vacuum the vent and discharge duct and make sure that there is no obstruction to the outside discharge louver. Check for bird, insect or animal nesting in the duct work.