harryandbob.jpgAt Slyman Brothers Appliance Centers, we guarantee the best buying experience you can find in St Louis Mo.. Since 1965 when Bob and Harry Slyman decided to open there own business which is known today as Slyman Bros. Appliances.

That year the Gateway Arch was completed and so it was a natural tie-in to use the arch in the television commercials in black and white. They came up with the idea for that first commercial themselves, and it didn’t take long for the ad to pay off big time. Within a year or so of running those television spots business had increased. That spot was recently re-done with Darlene and her two brothers, Bob and Jon.

History-1.pngSo successful were the commercials that the brothers nearly did away completely with all other forms of advertising. Over the years they’d create dozens more commercials, once appearing in side a microwave oven. After filming the first few in the studios at Channel 5, then moving production to the company’s stores. Perhaps the most memorable commercial besides the spot on top of the Arch was the ad featuring their mother.

They wanted to emphasize that we are a family business, so the spot showed my dad and uncle loading a truck with appliances and then banging on the side of the truck and yelling, ‘OK, Mom, take it away. Truth be told, though, mom Slyman never actually appeared in the advertisement. The camera cut away from the cab as the vehicle pulled off the lot. Years later we wanted to do a similar commercial only this time it would be her grandkids telling her to ‘take it away, says Slyman Jr. “But she wouldn’t do it. She was too shy.”

Family-owned businesses are becoming very rare. The appliance store, which was a Crestwood landmark for years and originally owned by brothers Harry and Bob, was bought out by Bob’s children, Bob, Darlene and Jon, some of whom went to Lindbergh High School, Diane is one. They all are running the family business which has moved to locations at 4900 Hampton Avenue, 15050 Manchester Road and 5841 South Lindbergh Blvd. and are so successful as a bricks-and-mortar operation, that they are nowadding a warehouse showroom in Fenton. Follow us on Facebook and visit our Grand Opening.

They are proud to share their love for St. Louis with their nostalgic ads harkening back to the days when the founders, said “We’re tops in town St. Louis, try us, you’ll like us!”

Bob Slyman, co-owner of Slyman Brothers appliance stores, said his company does not sell its products online in part because of concerns about customer service and deliveries.
“When you go online, you’ve got to find an outside delivery service and they don’t take the care that our own delivery service would,” he said.

Bob Slyman Jr. says hardly a day goes by without a customer walking into one of his family’s appliance stores and asking about the company’s television ads from the 1970s and ’80s. Now in its third generation, Slyman Brothers is still making its own commercials featuring Bob, his brother, Jon and sister Darlene.

“I don’t know if it’s a St. Louis thing or what, but people do seem pretty surprised when they come into the store and see that we’re actually here, just like in the commercials,” says Slyman Jr. “Once in a while they even ask for autographs.


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